“...Fashion is about eventually being naked...” Vivienne Westwood
rubber bangle

My Jewellery acts as a vehicle for me to explore my world and to make my personal comment on it. Objects and materials that surround me often seem to have the ability to sustain a greater breadth of meaning. When these items are made into jewels they transmute into a testing ground to provoke or allegorise.


gun bracelet

An encounter, a conversation, an 'objet trouve', an idea derived from a Joseph Cornell shadow box; sometimes I make a 'world' for my Jewels to exist in, all design devices which assist me to create pieces which elevate the commonplace into something exotic.

A rubber sewing machine belt when gilded becomes a gorgeous finger ring. A vacuum component cast in solid silver. is a bangle, and a celebration of the intentionally banal. A chance meeting with a young catholic girl on a train, is the springboard for a series of photographs.

I like undesignerly design.


Story of 'O' Rubber Collar [2005]

rubber collar

1st Day Antler Headpiece [2004]

antlers headpiece

G8 Tryptych Cruciform [2005]


Rose Twig rings [2006]

rose twig rings